Application specific Power-Amplifier

You need an amplifier for a special frequency?
We do engineering and manufacturing of narrowband- and broadband-amplifiers from "kHz" up to 26,5 GHz.
The maximum output power is - depending on frequency in the range of several 100 mW to more than 1000W.
E.g. power amplifier for 1,9 GHz or 2,2 GHz with output power about 50 Watt oder an amplifier for 12 GHz with output power of about 40 Watt.
In addition we manufacture broadband amplifiers (e.g.100-300 MHz) with powerrange from 10 Watt to 400 Watt.

Amplifier with heatsink
Amplifier with heatsink and powersupply

for 345 MHz, 10 Watt

We manufature low-cost amplifier modules or 19"-amplifier with power-supply, control circuits, interfaces built in a
19"-housing. Nearly all amplifiers are designed and made in Germany, delivery time is only some weeks!

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