Electronic Morse-Keys
DFM-1 / DFM-2 / DFM-3
/ DFM-4

 DFM - 1                        DFM - 2                     DFM - 3                    DFM - 4   

All DFM-Morse-Keys are using powerful microcontrollers to enable the various functions.
The "DFM-1" is the basic keyer for the newcomer, the "DFM-2" offers 4 memories and a high-speed mode for Meteorscatter-operation.
The high-end morse-key "DFM-3" with integrated LCD-Display offers 8 memories, each of them with a capacity of more than 100 letters and special modes for Meteorscatter and Contest-operation. All important parameters are displayed on the integrated LC-display and can be changed by "soft-keys". These soft-keys allow a very easy operation and programming of the "DFM-3"