Electronic morse-key:
TPM 100

  • Electronic morse-key with squeeze facility
  • Speed adjustable from the front-knob between approx. 40 ...400 lpm
  • Additional high-speed mode for Meteorscatter adjustable from the front between approx. 200 ... 3000 lpm
  • Easy switching between "normal" mode and high-speed mode
  • Weight adjustable from the front-knob between 1:3 ...1:5
  • Four memories (each of them with a capacity of more than 100 characters), which keep their memory even
    after disconnecting the battery
  • Repeat mode for continuous reading of each memory
  • Spaces in memory text are possible (especially useful for contest operation on VHF etc.)
  • Tune button with optimized tuning facilities
  • Switchable pilot tone with low current consumption piezo buzzer (approx. 800 Hz)
  • Special "low current" design for minimized power consumption.
    The keyer is switched into "sleep-mode" automatically after a few minutes without action, resulting in a
    current of a few ľA. Normal current is approx 2.5 mA. Power supply uses 3 batteries guaranteeing more than
    750 hours of pure morse fun !

  • DIP-switches at the rear of the keyer include the following functions:
    1. Dot memory on/off
    2. Dash memory on/off
    3. Switch paddles (for left handed OPs etc.)
    4. Sidetone on/off
    5. Select function of right knob (Weight or MS speed)
    6. Select end of memory (automatic-stop after 12 dottimes / manual)
    7. Switch of keying-line during programming
    8. Reset (service)
  • External keyer connection via 3.5 mm stereo plug
  • Keying signal at rear cinch socket is isolated by optocoupler
  • Included non-serviceable paddles with very high precision using special contact materials
  • Paddle-distance and pressure-force can be adjusted after opening the enclosure

Recommendation : Use high quality batteries to avoid damages by leakage
If you don't need the keyer for a longer time, please remove batteries !

Functions of the 8 buttons:

  • 4 buttons (upper row) for selecting memory 1...4
  • "write" button -> write to memory
  • "repeat" button -> for continuous reading of memory
  • "MS" button -> select high-speed or normal mode
  • "Tune"


Measures (without paddles) : 170 x 115 x 30 mm
EUR 139.- DFM-2 only electronic-keyer without paddles
EUR 189.- DFM-2 with integrated DFE-squeeze-paddles
EUR 289.- DFM-2 with integrated (formally) SCHURR-squeeze-paddles