Electronic morse-key:

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  • Electronic morse-key with squeeze facility
  • Speed adjustable from the front-knob between approx. 40 ...400 lpm
  • Additional high-speed mode for Meteorscatter between approx. 300 ... 4800 lpm
  • Weight adjustable from the front-knob between 1:3 ... 1:5
  • Tune facility with optimized tuning especially for tube linears. Keying ratio can be selected
    (25, 50, 75, 100 percent).
  • Switchable pilot tone with low current consumption piezo buzzer (approx. 800 Hz)
  • Included non-serviceable paddles with very high precision using special contact materials
  • Paddle-distance and pressure-force can be adjusted after opening the enclosure
  • Due to the various functions an external DC power supply (13,8Volt) is necessary.
  • Current consumption is approx. 120 mA (without light fordisplay only 10 mA).
    Of course a protection against cross-polarity is included.

An additonal Accumulator-pack in a similar housing is availabe (DFM-3-accu).

The "DFM-3" menu-system
The "DFM-3" uses the so called "Soft-Key" menu, which is patent pending at Munich patent office. This system will be described in detail now: The 16 keys on top of the housing can be divided into two groups of 8 keys each. The lower 8 keys are the "menu-keys" that are used to call the 8 different menus displayed in the illuminated LC-display. The second group are the so called "soft-keys", divided into 4 keys above the display and another 4 keys below the display.
To control the functions of the "DFM-3", first call the menu using the "menu-keys" and afterwards select the specific
function with one of the "soft-keys". The handling is very easy to survey and easy to learn due to this system.
Menu functions:

1. Main menu

Softkey 1 -> SP = Speed adjustment using the front panel knob
Softkey 2 -> WG = Weight adjustment using the front panel knob
Softkey 3 -> off = switch off the DFM-3 - Restart by touching a paddle.
Softkey 4 -> Info = displays the info message


2. Write menu ->

Softkeys : W1 - W8 . Write to one of the 8 memories. The end of the memory can be after 12 dots automatically or after pressing the selected softkey again. This offers the possibility to program variable pauses (see also second Setup-Menu, 5.2 -softkey 7)


3. Read menu ->

Softkey: R1 - R8 . Read one of the 8 memories (can be stopped by touching a paddle).


4. Repeat menu ->

Softkey Rp1 - Rp8 . Continuously read one of the 8 memories (can be stopped by touching a paddle)


5. Setup Menu

There are three setup menus available that can be toggled using
Softkey 4 (=next).

5.1. -> 1st Setup Menu:

  • Calls preadjustments "User1" (=US1) /"User2" (=US2)
  • Connection of paddles for right/left handed OP (=RH/LH)
  • Activate the output of the keyer (Out1=active,Out0=inactive)
  • Internal piezo buzzer (speaker) on (=SP1) or off (=SP0)
  • Dot memory on/off (=P0/P1), Dash memory on/off (=S0/S1)

5.2. -> 2nd Setup Menu:

    • Saves "User1"/"User2" parameters tomemory (=U1/U2)
    • Illumination of LCD display on/off
    • Switches between HF- and VHF-Contest-Mode. In HF-Mode "9"="N" and "0"="T", in VHF-Mode "normal" operation
    • End of the memory for programming:
    • "12P0" = end after 12 dot lenghts automatically
    • "12P1" = end has to be set manually for individual pauses
    • Confirmation-beep on (QT1) or off (QT0).

5.3. -> 3rd Setup Menu (Pre-adjustments for Contest Menu)

    • Edit report to be given in Contest mode (511-599 or 5nn).
    • Edit the QSO number to start with (0000-9999).

6. Contest

  • Read one of the memories 1-3 (R1 - R3) or repeat (Rp1 - Rp3)
  • outputs the actual QSO-number and increases the number automatically
  • outputs the present report and the actual QSO-number and increases the number
  • Decrease / increase the actual QSO-number by "1" (for corrections)

7. Meteorscatter (MS) Menu

  • Read one of the memories 5-8 (R5 - R8) or repeat (Rp5 - Rp8)
  • Switch to MS mode (High Speed) and back to LO mode (Low Speed)


8. Tune

  • Activates the tuning signal (Length of tuning can beset: 0-255 sec.)
  • Keying ratio can be chosen with softkeys 5-8 (25, 50, 75 or 100 percent)



  • external keyer connection via 3.5mm stereo plug
  • keying signal at rear cinch socket is isolated by optocouplers
  • Instruction manual and power supply cables are included.
  • Dimensions (without paddles) : 170 x 115 x 30 mm3


Dimensions: 170 x 115 x 30 mm^3
EUR 209.- DFM-3 only electronic-keyer
EUR 259.- DFM-3 with DFE-squeeze-paddles
EUR 369.- DFM-3 with (formally) SCHURR-squeeze-paddles


DFM - 1
DFM - 2
DFM - 4